A Quick Guide to Trust Deeds

MVP Mortgage offers investors short-term loans to owners of commercial properties. MVP’s loans are interest only and are typically one to two years in length. The borrower’s monthly interest payment presents an income stream to the investor for the duration of the loan. Once the borrower refinances or sells the property, the investor receives repayment on their investment – no fees are charged to our investors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trust Deed Investing:

How much do I need to invest in a first trust deed with MVP Mortgage?

$25,000.00 is the minimum investment for Nevada residents. Nevada residents must also meet the following suitability:

  • (a) The investor’s household net worth is more than $250,000, excluding any equity in any real property used as the investor’s primary residence at the time of the investment;   -or-
  • (b) The investor’s household net annual income was more than $70,000 for each of the previous 2 tax years, and there is a reasonable expectation of attaining or exceeding the same income for the current year.

Can I invest money from a retirement account in first trust deeds?

Yes. MVP Mortgage will investment retirement funds in first trust deeds, however you should check with your custodian, as all retirement accounts have different rules regarding types of investments that are permissible.

Does MVP Mortgage offer 2nd trust deeds to investors?

MVP Mortgage typically only offers first trust deeds to Nevada residents.

Who are MVP Mortgage’s borrowers?

Most of MVP Mortgage borrowers are located in Nevada and have a long standing relationship with MVP Mortgage or our affiliates.

Where are most of the trust deeds that are available for investing located?

MVP Mortgage’s trust deeds that are offered for investments are located in Nevada. However, MVP Mortgage can fund loans outside of Nevada.

What paperwork will I receive when I make an investment with MVP Mortgage?

All investors receive a copy of the recorded deed of trust, a signed copy of the Promissory Note, a copy of the appraisal and a copy of the fire and property insurance binder on the investment property.

How do I make an investment in first trust deeds with MVP Mortgage?

Call MVP Mortgage at 702-938-2282 to request information, or click here to request information by email.